Before being professionally trained in the culinary arts, our chef spent many years in the military and was stationed in locations around the world.  This international exposure has given him a wide-ranging culinary scope which we combine into a truly unique dining experience here at Fusions.


We prefer not to use the word "tapas" when defining our cuisine, simply because "tapas" is native to Spain, just as "mezze" is native to Greece and Turkey.  Every culture has their own name for small plates.  With this in mind, we prefer to use the phrase "international small plates" to encompass all of the dishes that we serve, since their origins are from many places around the world.

We challenge our diners to step "outside the box" and suggest that everyone try every item on our menu at least once.  Many of our offerings may be completely unfamiliar to our guests, however, we believe that small portions and handcrafted specialty items, such as ours, are perfect for culinary exploration or sharing a one-of-a-kind dining experience with friends.  


We hope you join us for a comfortable, welcoming experience whether dining alone, with that special someone, or as a group.  


Why we call our cuisine "International Small Plates"...



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